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Cerebral Palsy Health: Conversations that Count with experts who care. 

Cerebral Palsy is a complex health condition that impacts each individual differently.  As a result, finding information about what might help improve function, increase participation, and achieve health and lifestyle goals can be difficult. This podcast is a place for conversations with experts about issues related to cerebral palsy that affect health, fitness, function and participation. We will cover a range of topics including: treatments and therapies, nutrition, neuroplasticity, genetics, exercise and fitness, adaptive sports, accessibility, travel, and new trends. 

May 17, 2021

In Episode 6, Jen talks with physical therapist and cerebral palsy researcher Theresa Sukal Moulton and Frame Runner manufacturer/vendor David Black of RAD Innovations about the recreational and adaptive sport of Frame Running. A relatively new recreational sport in the US, a Frame Runner is an adaptive running frame that looks similar to a bike without pedals which allows individuals with CP run or walk with minimal to no assistance. It has become popular internationally and is included as a sport in the World Paralympics. David, Theresa and Jen discuss the history of Frame Running, who can participate, how it works, research to support it and how to get involved. 

Frame Running/ Race Running Research

Frame Running/ Race Running Clubs


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